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When dealing with playlists in iTunes, there’s no way (at the writing of this) to delete a song from iTunes from within a playlist (especially when reviewing the recently added list).  Playlists only let you remove songs from them.  There’s no command to remove AND delete at the same time (an obvious flaw, but obviously not obvious to Apple Devs ;) ).  There is a way I use to “flag” songs for deletion later which some might find useful.  It requires redefining that the ratings might mean.  For this to work, there are only 4 star ratings (2 through to 5).  For this tip, you would use the first star to flag which songs should be deleted – and it fact it’s much faster in the long run!

2 stars = In review: Song seems ok, but needs a few more listens to determine its fate (demotion or promotion).
3 stars = Not bad (low interest): Would listen to the song again if it played via a shuffled song queue. This song, though, might be skipped if played too often.
4 stars = Very good (medium interest): I could listen to this song on loop with other songs in a list for some time without getting tired of it.
5 stars = Exceptional (high interest):  I could listen to this song on repeat by itself; possibly for hours.

1 star = Fit for the pit: This song is queued for deletion.

So, at some point, I can switch views to the main music list (list of all songs), sort by the star ratings, then highlight and delete the 1 star rated songs.  All songs I don’t like gone in one swoop. ;)

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