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I was recently curious if the new features of ES6+ for JavaScript will make it the language of choice as time goes, and a side curiosity about the future of Java vs C#. Here are some stats online for the languages, which some may find interesting:

1 JavaScript (now king!)
2 Java (falling down very slowly, except Android development is keeping it up)
4 Python
5 C# (and rising)
5 C++ (this is still high due to games and high-speed requirements)
5 Ruby
9 C
10 Objective-C
11 Perl
11 Shell
13 R
14 Scala
15 Haskell
16 Matlab
17 Go
17 Visual Basic
19 Clojure
19 Groovy

Source: https://goo.gl/GR8Ele

Other interesting stats:

From Monster.ca:

- Java: 145 (and falling), full-time, $100k+
- .Net: 71 (and rising), full-time, $100k+
- Web developers: 90, full-time, $100k+ (implies JavaScript in most cases, which cannot stand alone like the others)

Here are some stats from over 2000 employers: http://goo.gl/lSBgAw
Summary: C# % change is skyrocketing. Java has lost a bit, and JavaScript is starting to pickup.
(% change is more informative than “what is popular *today*” searches)

Indeed.com, “one search, all jobs”: http://goo.gl/H6Ialq
Relative growth *rates* (% changes):
#1: Objective-C in the lead (because of Mac and iOS development probably)
#2: C#
#3: VB (probably due to MS office [there's a lot of need for this in the business world for MS office situations])
#4: Java (getting less important line-of-business apps, most likely due to C# being easier and faster to work with using the MS tools).

Finally, GitHub repository details: https://goo.gl/k41JZN

According to Github, in 2008, Java was losing out (#7 place). C# would have overtaken it by now (or at least come close), except in 2008 onwards (as the Android Phone was getting popular) Java (for the PHONE) got popular (not desktop and web). The statistics today group the phone and web/deskop development statistics together. If you subtract mobile devices, then Java would lose (stay or fall from #7 position). This means 2008 shows the state of the “business world” as far as Java is needed for *enterprise apps* (non-mobile). As ES6/7+ (JavaScript) becomes the best cross-platform web, desktop, and mobile development platform, it will become the language of choice globally in the future, and THAT is the biggest trend of all. ;)

So, since JavaScript is now becoming king, there exists some transcoding languages used to make developing in JavaScript a lot easier. The contenders are TypeScript, Dart, and CoffeeScript. Of all three, TypeScript is the top, and soaring (https://goo.gl/BmMg3i).

Soon, even those may also not even be needed as much: http://www.wintellect.com/devcenter/nstieglitz/5-great-features-in-es6-harmony

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