29 Jun 2016 @ 8:56 PM 

So, for no good reason, it seems Microsoft Office Upload Center (seemingly working in sync with OneDrive) likes to crash, restart, crash, restart, crash, (you guessed it), restart, etc., causing this:


Uber fun! (and I don’t mean the car ride). In fact, as of completing this post, the icons have now doubled. And now OneDrive as well (the issues are obviously related):

It’s bad enough the OneDrive sync takes ages to update files (causing most of my peers to revert to using DropBox), and resolving errors is tedious.

Tip: Seems disconnecting the networking, waiting a few seconds, and reconnecting helps.  As usual, Microsoft products work under “normal” circumstances (even then falling short, like Apple [don't get me started]) and rarely like to be helpful recovering otherwise. You’d think with all the money they have they could afford to hire better developers. ;) (it’s not like they just started recently, this has been around for years now – since August 1, 2007! :/ )

ps. I should also note I wasn’t uploading any office files! In fact, choosing to list recent uploads shows nothing (because I never use it lol).

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Last Edit: 29 Jun 2016 @ 09:01 PM

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