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Well, this was a pain to search for.  First I searched for the meaning of NuGet, which lead me to NuPack.  Hmmm, ok.  So then I looked that up, and found Nubular, which apparently had something to do with ruby packages. Interesting.  It appears, since Perl had SPAN, and ruby had gems, the .Net folks took notice (around mid 2010) and also wanted one for .Net, which is when Nubular was born (around August 2010).  The story has it they named it “Nubular” because it was, well, “tubular dude”. ;) Of course, it had to start with “N” because it was for .Net after all. At the time, the way to install Nubular was to first install Ruby and use Gem to get Nubular.

Around this same time, it appears Microsoft was also working on their own package management system for .NET, which they were calling NPack (starting with ‘N’, for obvious reasons, lol). After hearing about Nubular, they decided to open source NPack with the help of Nubular developers.  The new project was renamed to NuPack, and was among the first times Microsoft worked with the open source community.

Later in 2010 it was ready to be released as an extension to Visual Studio.  Apparently, due to a conflict with other existing software called NuPack, they renamed it to NuGet, and thus, henceforth, has been the name ever since. ;)


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