25 Aug 2015 @ 11:17 PM 


News companies need to stop wasting people’s time showing ads EVERY SINGLE TIME A NEW VIDEO IS CLICKED.  You have no idea how ANNOYING THIS IS.  It’s the sole reason I rarely ever watch news videos online.  For example, the videos at “ctvnews.ca” makes people wait 30 seconds between EVERY video that only runs for 2-4 minutes on average.  So, if I watch 10 technology videos (2 mins each let’s say [skipping boring parts]), that’s 5 additional solid minutes of my time just watching ads!  The MOST annoying part of that is actually watching the SAME AD REPEAT ITSELF FOR ALMOST THE ENTIRE TIME!!! DO YOU REALLY HAVE TO SHOW THE SAME DAMN AD EVERY TIME I CLICK A VIDEO!? Honestly.  Money hungry much?  Perhaps the executives thinking they know best and being the assholes they most likely are?  Or perhaps just too lazy to actually make a site worth a damn?  (why make it at all if people won’t stay on it? There’s a term for this: SPAM sites – they just waste your time to make money)  Don’t investors also realize that showing the same ad multiple times when I’m not interested does nothing but piss me off and make me hate them?

How it should work: Listen closely, because this is only for smart people: Because visitors may skip many videos before settling on one, ONLY show ads after a PERIOD OF TIME PASSES.  Ok? (sort of like YouTube). Wake up and stop living in the past.  This is the internet, NOT TV.

Until this changes, I’ll continue to use my workaround – opening two separate windows and simply muting the audio on the one with the commercial while watching the other, then switching. >:)


Posted By: James
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