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So, do you love to watch shows where the bad guys win, and people act like they keeping making choices after smoking weed?  It seams as of late there are three types of shows you’ll find on TV (not including reality shows – don’t even get me started on that!!!).

The first kind are hit-and-runs, where each episode is in itself is a complete show (one completed plot), with a limited sense of a story line between them (Two And A Half Men, CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, Star Wares The Clone Wars, etc.).

The second kind of shows also have completed plots (one major story per episode), but also have a back running story line (Stargate, Fringe, Justified, Lost Girl, Revolution, Arrow, Grim, Supernatural, etc.).

The third kind are the absolute worst, and what I like to call “the soap operas” (and many reality TV shows qualify, but that’s a whole other post…). No, not the drama shows that stay-at-home moms usually watch after their kids go to school.  I’m talking about a running action/sci-fi story line that never ends.  Have you ever watched an episode, and got really into it, and right at the end you see “To be continued…”?  This just used to drive me crazy, because I had no idea if I’d be around to watch the next one!!!!  >:(  God forbid, before the internet and VCR, I should miss one, and then have no way to watch it again!  But wait, now we can have “To be continued”s for EVERY episode, OH JOY!  Shows like “Fringe” (toggles between type 2 and 3), “Once Upon A Time”, “The Following”.  As it turns out, they all love to suck every ounce of common sense out of you, including your faith in humanity, as you watch each one.  First of all, every one of the aforementioned shows rarely complete episodes with the good guy winning, and leaves the watcher cringing at the stupidity of it all (“Once Upon A Time” wins the big award on this one).  Any character in those shows with half a brain would probably have ended the show after 3 episodes, but to drag it out, the bad guy has to keep winning.  For instance, in “The Following”, the main evil character keeps getting away with it, so there’s never really any sense of accomplishment on the good side. As well, I can always predict he WILL win, do to some convoluted circumstance to keep the story line going (again, usually do to stupidity and lack of common sense [have trackers and GPS ankle brackets not been invented yet?]). If I were writing the show, I would allow the good guy to gain some good traction at EVERY episode, along side the bad guy, and piss off the bad guy each time – not just ALWAYS the bad guy winning!  That way I have a good sense accomplishment each time, while looking forward to the next one (the shows “Supernatural” and “Justified” do this REALLY well).

So anyhow, there I am, watching, for instance, “Once Upon A Time”, episode 1, then the bad guy wins (the pilot was very disappointing).  Episode 2, the same.  Episode 3, the same (by now I want to stop watching because I feel I wasted my life for no *good* reason, but I decided to watch it if there’s nothing else on). Episode 4,5,6 (ok, I have to stop, now I’m getting sick of the stupidity, and I want to shoot myself … but of course, I HAVE TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS!!! :( ).  Episode 7, 8, 9, … and then, the finale.  I’ve seen good finales where the good guy wins (Stargate, Lost Girl, Dexter [good guy? LOL :) ]), and YET, the writers are still able to hook in something smaller that makes you interested to see how it continues.  THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE WITH EACH EPISODE PEOPLE.  Please, for the love of GOD, stop making BS episodes, which make me want to throw my drink into the screen, and allow me the decency of feeling satisfied after each episode (after all, I’m watching it to relax, sort of, not increase my anxiety).  Does your show suck so bad, you’re afraid people won’t keep watching it unless you make up some BS reason for the bad guy to keep winning?  It takes a smart writer to satisfy their viewers in every episode, while keeping them intrigued to see the next one.  It’s a shame it seems they are few and far in between.  Any how, to be continued…



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