11 Jul 2010 @ 3:36 AM 

So, you have two projects: WCF & Silverlight, and put a break point on code in a shared class between the two projects. Visual Studio breaks on the line, but as soon as you hit F10 or F11, the code simply “continues” as if to ignore your step request.

This very scenario really messed with me for a few months, and the reason I didn’t investigate much at the time was because I could simply create many breakpoints and run between them. Recently, however, I had code too complex to keep doing this without pulling my hair out, so I investigated again and suddenly got an idea regarding meta data. Perhaps there’s an option preventing this from working on the “root” class. You see, Silverlight-side service references create classes from server side data types (where specified), and my shared code was using partial classes to add methods to both sides (server and client). The problem is that the shared code file isn’t decorated with meta data tags, but the auto-generated client-side code IS, and in fact, this was the line:


So, I did a “replace all” to clear all occurrences and presto! My life just got a little better. ;)

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