10 Jan 2013 @ 4:03 AM 

Some thieves apparently broke into a building on Microsoft’s corporate campus in Mountain View, California over the Christmas holiday. They sole only iPads, leaving the Microsoft Surfaces (tablets) and computers that were likely laying around. The news at this site mentions that there were no sales for 4 weeks as reported from a retail tracking firm.  Ever since Microsoft stopped Silverlight development in favor of WinRT (Windows 8) based apps, and created that stupid flat menu system (this is the age of high-end digital 3D graphics is it not?) I knew this would happen.  I’m not sure why Microsoft is being ignorant in this regard (perhaps too arrogant?).  Look at this Apple tablet concept idea (fake):


Now look at this Microsoft tablet:

I’m telling you, whoever is in charge of this designed was on something, or has serious mental competency issues. This looks like the menu designed for little kids, and not for any serious computer user.  What do you think?

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